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India's Sangram Chougule posing after winning Gold Medal in Men's 85kg category in World Bodybuilding Championship. Photo by Neel Kamal Sonu
India's Sangram Chougule posing after winning Gold Medal in Men's 85kg category in World Bodybuilding Championship. Photo by Neel Kamal Sonu

Mumbai, December 10, 2014 (Neel Kamal Sonu): The Indian Body Builders Federation (IBBF), India’s only recognized Federation by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India hosted the 6th World Body Building and Physique Sports Competition 2014. The championship was held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, NESCO in Mumbai. This World Bodybuilding Championship witnessed more than 400 national and international athletes from all over the world over a period of three days. The competitors showed great character and determination as they battled out on the platform to prove themselves and their worthiness in the championship.

“It feels great to represent your country and win in your homeland. Past two years have been hard for me and I was really looking forward for this competition. This award is dedicated to my wife and daughter who stood by me and supported me throughout. I would also like to thank Indian Body Building Federation for their help and support” said winner Sangram Chougule who bagged Gold in Men Senior 85 kg.


Women 55kg
Place    No.    Competitor                        Country
1st      175    Suharni Binte Mohammad    Singapore
2nd     164    Wilaiporn Wannaklang         Thailand
3rd      166    Nguyen Thi My Linh            Vietnam
4th      171    Sibalika Saha                      India
5th      165    Edesia Martins                    Brazil

Women +55kg
Place    No.    Competitor                 Country
1st      177    Tan Li Lian                   Malaysia
2nd     178    Jaranya Doungkum       Thailand
3rd      190    Rebita Kongbrailatpan    India
4th      188    Mamota Devi Yumnam   India

Men 55kg
Place    No.    Competitor                        Country
1st     63    Pham Van Mach                    Vietnam
2nd    78    Nitin Prakash Mhatre              India
3rd     62    Chuluunbazar Myanganbileg    Mongolia
4th    74    Arundas CV                          India
5th    80    Amit Mehta                           India

Men 60kg
Place    No.    Competitor              Country
1st     73    Jiraphan Pongkam       Thailand
2nd    77    Nguyen Anh Thong     Vietnam
3rd     79    Ram Hari Khanal          Nepal
 4th    81    Indranil Maity             India
 5th    84    Swapnil Narwadkar      India

Men 65kg
Place    No.    Competitor                           Country
1st     82    Vachara Sasrisank                    Thailand
2nd    89    Somkhit Sumethowetchakun    Thailand
3rd     93    Shiv Kumar                             India
4th     95    Raju Khan                              India
5th     85    Nguyen Van Lam                    Vietnam

Men 70kg
Place    No.    Competitor            Country
1st     157    B Maheswaran          India
2nd     96    Wichai Singthong    Thailand
3rd     170    Anil Gochhikar          India
4th     100    Buda Anak Anchah  Malaysia
5th     141    Neeraj Kumar          India

Men 75kg
Place    No.    Competitor                    Country
1st    108    Sazali Bin Abd. Samad         Malaysia
2nd    109    Abbas Salari                     Iran
3rd    179    Arambam Boby Singh         India
4th    168    Yatinder Singh                  India
5th    110    Moriangthem Robi Meitei    India

Men 80kg
Place    No.    Competitor                 Country
1st    113    Sawaeng Panapoi          Thailand
2nd    176    Vipin Peter                   India
3rd    393    Sumit Jadhav                 India
4th    184    Vijay Bahadur                 India
5th    101    Marcio Vieira Goncalves    Brazil

Men 85kg
Place    No.    Competitor                             Country
1st    381    Sangram Chougule                      India
2nd    128    Panupong Prateep                  Thailand
3rd    123    Juns Nurlan                              Mongolia
4th    403    Rahul Bisht                                India
5th    127    Pashikyan Armen Genrikovich    Uzberkistan

Men 90kg
Place    No.    Competitor                      Country
1st    133    Alireza Sarlak                      Iran
2nd    398    Jagdish lad                        India
3rd    420    Ram Niwas                         India
4th    419    Sagar Pramod Mali              India
5th    131    Poursales Mohammadreza    Iran

Men 100kg
Place    No.    Competitor                         Country
1st    105    Peter Molnar                         Hungary
2nd    146    Ehab Ahmad Yahya Qweider    Jordan
3rd    148    Mohammad Haroon Azami    Afghanistan
4th    147    Siyamak Porkhosravi                 Iran
5th    394    Vikram                                   India

Men +100kg
Place    No.    Competitor                 Country
1st     163    Miguel Filho                   Brazil
2nd    156    Ejlali Ali                         Iran
3rd     160    Nagy Hunor Szabolcs    Hungary
4th     158    Mahmoud Kafi               Iran
5th     412    Hari Prasad                   India

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