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Dr. Sreelakshmi, MD, Win Vision Eye Hospital Addressing the media

Hyderabad, May 27, 2017 (Online News India): Hyderabad based Win Vision Eye hospital organized a symposium on Cataract Techniques and Technologies available in India, today in Hyderabad. Renowned doctors in ophthalmology from South India attended the symposium. The symposium discussed the revolutionary technologies and advanced techniques available in India in dealing with challenging cases in cataract diagnosis and removal.

Eminent doctors in eye care specialization shared their experiences in cataract practice, midas touch for successful cataract surgery, tackling preopastigmatism with toric IOL's, offering multifocal IOL's in modern day, Platform from planning to offer better outcomes, The Da Vinci Code: Formulas, Advancement in phacotechnology, Changes and advances etc.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. Sreelakshmi, Managing Director (Cataract and Refractive Surgeon) (First Woman ophthalmologist in the world to perform Femto Second Laser assisted cataract Surgery) said Win Vision Eye Hospital is proud to have carried out hundreds of cataract surgeries using latest technology in the last one and half year since the hospital’s launch in 2015.

Elaborating on how technology has helped the surgeons achieving best results she said that the success of cataract surgery is to do with the restoration of vision. It's the ease of surgery which makes the entire process smooth, safe and highly predictable. As vision recovery is quick and so much better everyone prefers these advanced techniques only. If IOL is not implanted the vision will be hardly 1 meter and very high powered glasses are required and it is literally a visual handicap. Later rigid iols and then foldables came but glasses are required externally. Now advanced IOL designs like Toric IOL where it completely addresses distance vision and when Multifocals are implanted both distance and near will be corrected without depending on glasses. So people doing multitasking like driving, using computers reading, sports activity, swimming etc will find it very useful. An accurate measurement before implanting the IOL during the cataract surgery is essential and nowadays the advancements in this technology is way ahead. Proper alignment of IOL axis is the key factor in achieving the successful visual outcome in case of Toric IOL for people having cylindrical powers. Now excellent image guided technologies are available like Varion and Intraoperative aberrometry. Verion helps the surgeon to orient the axis in the right direction, where as Intraoperative aberrometry , an another breakthrough technology, can calculate the IOL power very precisely on the operating table itself and also helps in aligning the axis.

Win Vision Eye Hospitals after successfully gaining the trust of people in Begumpet centre are now in the process of expanding their reach to far corners of Hyderabad. In this line we have opened our 2nd centre at Dilsukhnagar a couple of months ago.

Elaborating more on latest technologies available in India, N.V. Ratnam Choudary, Joint Managing Director said advanced machines like LensX, which are running on Femtosecond technology, give eye care doctors the freedom to go ahead with the critical cases to give the patients a new and clear vision. No doubt these are complex cases, but these days there is no obstacle one cannot overcome with the advanced technology at their disposal.

Dr. Surendranath, CEO Win Vision Eye Hospital, gave details about advent of advanced cataract removal systems in India its benefits and role of modern day intra ocular lenses like, multifocal and TORIC. Mentioning about FLACS technology, he said FLACS adds to the surgeon’s skill, helping them to execute the most tricky and delicate steps of these rare cataract procedures with greater safety and accuracy.

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