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From left Bonny Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sridevi and Akshaye Khanna

New Delhi, July 03, 2017 (Online News India): God could not be everywhere, so he created MOM. Yes, MOM, the forthcoming film starring Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshaye Khanna is creating a lot of buzz and curiosity in the viewers that was quite visible when they were last seen in the capital.

Bonny Kapoor seemed very excited and satisfied regarding his forthcoming film MOM. He also praised the staircase and said, "This film has been very closed to all of us. Akshaye after a long time will be seen on the screen and we were fortunate enough to have him on board. His entire contribution to the film was tremendous and he was so motivated that he memorised the whole script. He's an asset to the film and film industry and a great human being."

On being asked about Nawazuddin he commented, "It took me a lot of persuasion to have Nawazuddin on board but the kind of effort and work that he put in was an extra mile. The appearance that he has was an incentive and shocked all but it was his patience that helped him to carry the character after the 4 hour make up."

He also praised Sridevi and said, "There is nobody like my wife who can handle this role with this much of sincerity. I have admired her from ages but she still surprises me with her sincerity and hard work. I was on set as a producer and nothing else."

He then concluded and said, "This film is special and memorable for me for various reasons as it is special and will be picked and talked about. It has enough content for the viewers."

Sridevi on being asked about the difficult moments during the film said, "It was difficult to understand what the character wanted but there was no moment when I thought about my kids, husband or house. It was not a conscious division but I just wanted to be in different form of mind. I didn't communicate with my family or friends but just had a communication with my co-star, producers and directors. But it was a very satisfying experience."

Nawazuddin on being asked about his characters said, "Every character has a different demand and asks for altogether different preparation. Most of the times, it depends on the director. So if you know what director wants then the work is almost done. I enjoy more in doing grey shaded roles as they have mix traits with some good and bad traits and also they are more close to human beings."

Akshaye Khanna when questioned about his role said, "I am playing a cop and I don't do much preparation. I just follow the script and the director. The script of this film was beautiful and right. And there are very few films that do not have any loop holes and that's what I realised when I signed this film."

The film is slated to hit the silver screens on 7th July 2017.

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