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Akshay Kumar

Mumbai, September 07, 2017 (Online News India): The Great Indian Laughter Challenge is all set to make a comeback in its 5th season with the Khiladi actor, Akshay Kumar as the Super Judge/ Boss. Akshay took the audience by storm once the promo went on air over the weekend by being the ‘First Pregnant Man of the Nation’.

His unconventional look and expressions in promo are to die for and has already managed to leave everybody in splits. The script and idea behind the teaser is unique and something the audience would have never imagined or thought of.

A source close to the makers revealed, “He is not just an actor who performs and packs up to go back home. He is creative, innovative and leaves a legacy behind him. His suggestions to the makers are based on his industry experience and bring in the actor’s perspective in any situation. As soon as he heard the idea and promo script behind appearing pregnant and delivering the next generation of comedy superstars, he sat with the creative team and had detailed discussions - giving ideas about how to portray hunger cravings, anxiety of a pregnant woman as well as going for a sonography test with his wife. His dedication to the show has definitely come out in the promo.”

Popular comedians, Zakir Khan, Mallika Dua and actors, writer Hussain Dalal will be seen has mentors on the show. With such a powerful and talented panel on board, the makers want to make sure it tickles your funny bone. Akshay Kumar has been taking his role on the show very seriously and has worked with the makers on the script for the first promo which was out few days back.

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