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Chandigarh, February 14, 2016 (News Team): The Chandigarh chapter of Panchnad Research Institute organised a goshthi on the topic, 'Saraswati river - its past, present and future' in which Dr Chander Tirkha, a senior journalist and author of more than a dozen books, delivered the keynote address and observed that the research on the Saraswati river should not be commercialised and should rather become a meaningful exercise with the involvement of scholars so that the facts are unravelled. 

He said though governments give big financial grants, but the money goes down the drain since it would not reach scholars.

He said though there were divergent opinions on the geographical map of the river, scholars needed to put their heads together for a final word on it.

Dr Tirkha lauded efforts being made by the Centre and the Haryana government in this direction. He said a recent research had amply established that the Sarswati River occupied quite a wide region in Haryana.

Renowned Sanskrit scholar Ramakant Angiras said besides the material excavations to unearth the route of Saraswati River, efforts should also be made to dig out cultural meaning of Sarswati for the present generation.

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